About us

Founded in 1992, Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese provider of electric apparatus, which located in Beijing Daxing Industrial Development Zone, the company consists of A and B two branch factories, and the gross building area is over 53,600 square meters.
Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd. attaches to Sooar (Beijing) Investment management group Co.,Ltd., which is still consist of Beijing SECURELUCKY Electric Plant Co., Ltd., Beijing Cuixiang Electric Components Co., Ltd. and Beijing SECURELUCKY Power Electronic Plant Co., Ltd.. The four subsidiaries configure a suit of integrate electric industry chain, which could provide whole electrical technology solution for users.
Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd. mainly served as industrial and power system, specializing in AC Circuit-breaker, DC Circuit-breaker, control electric component, isolation electric installation, motor protector, dual power automatic transform switch as well as low-voltage switchgear assemblies.
As the largest low voltage electric apparatus manufacturer in the north China, Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of experience in the researching, manufacturing, operating and technique supporting of electric apparatus during the past decades. In 1995, the world’s first High Breaking Capacity Micro DC Circuit-breaker was invited in Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd., which has been developed into G series Circuit-breaker and widely used in major projects. Now, Beijing People’s Electric Plant Co., Ltd. has become the standard-setters of protective device of direct current applications and played an important guiding role in the development of DC Circuit Breaker.